Program umum
Program umum

Program umum

Pembelajaran bahasa secara keseluruhan
26 Pelajaran / minggu
(Pelajaran / Hari)

16 Sesi Kelas Bahasa Umum
4 Sesi Kelas iLab
4 Kelas Minat Khusus
2 Sesi Kuliah

Launch your international future
Our trusted General Program is where your educational experience abroad begins. You’ll learn both inside and outside the classroom as you combine language study with academic projects – stockpiling a wealth of knowledge to kick-start your future.

All the essentials
Gain a sound understanding and essential skills of a language. Lessons are held in the morning and afternoon, blending classroom and online learning. You may also complement your program with an internship or volunteer experience.

Exclusive academic projects
During your program you’ll undertake project work, building a portfolio that demonstrates what you’ve learned and how you’re able to apply it to an academic arena. It’s the ideal way to show future employers what you’ve achieved during your program.

Study outside the classroom
You’ll enhance your classroom studies with academic field trips, which you’ll use to form part of your project work – even getting the chance to create presentations to show in class.

The EF General Program is available in all EF destinations except our schools in Australia and New Zealand.

EF Learning Guarantee
EF's Learning Guarantee
Kami sangat yakin bahwa metode kami akan membantu Anda untuk kemajuan maksimal. Hadiri semua kelas Anda, lakukan semua tugas, dan Anda akan naik satu tingkat kursus setiap enam minggu - jika tidak, Anda akan belajar gratis sampai selesai.