Mulai Petualanganmu Sekarang! Konsultan pengalaman EF akan membantu menemukan program dan destinasi terbaik untukmu.
Tingkatkan karier Anda melalui bahasa
Tingkatkan karier Anda melalui bahasa

Tingkatkan karier Anda melalui bahasa

Lebih dari sekedar kursus bahasa

EF Education First telah membawa siswa lebih dari sekadar bahasa sejak 1965. Program kami menggabungkan aktivitas budaya yang menarik dengan pengalaman pendidikan yang bermanfaat.
Personalized learning
  • Flexible-length courses from 1-24 weeks, starting any Monday

  • Choose from a range of business, career, academic and arts-related lessons (SPINS)

  • Our Learning Guarantee means you'll advance one EF course level every six weeks

Campuses with character
  • Prime locations in the world's greatest cities

  • Modern interiors, social spaces and welcoming staff

Inspirational activities
  • Enjoy daily events organized by our dedicated EF Activities Team

  • Think wine tasting, museum visits, city excursions and more

Complete study experience
  • Get full support, around the clock

  • Easily book accommodation, flights, airport transfers and activities

Global leader in education
  • Proud creator of the world's first free standardized English test (EF SET)

  • Expert teachers share the EF passion for education and travel

Jelajahi berdasarkan tujuan

Ideal untuk orang dewasa, profesional & eksekutif

Temui kami

Tingkatkan karier Anda melalui bahasa
Tingkatkan karier Anda melalui bahasa
Invest in your career
Return home with a portfolio of academic achievements to enhance your CV and expand your career prospects, no matter your age.
Improve interpersonal skills
Fine-tune your communication and organizational skills, as well as your creative thinking, curiosity and imagination.
Expand your international network
During exciting activities and excursions, you'll socialize and explore your new city with other like-minded people.
Discover a new culture
Choose from a range of daily events and excursions to learn more about the history, art, culture and sports in your destination.

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