Past Perfect Continuous

Fungsi dari past perfect continuous

Past perfect continuous mirip dengan present perfect continuous, tetapi pada waktu yang lebih awal dari 'sebelum sekarang'. Sama seperti present perfect continuous, kita lebih tertarik dengan proses.

  • Had you been waiting long before the taxi arrived?
  • We had been trying to open the door for five minutes when Jane found her key.
  • It had been raining hard for several hours and the streets were very wet.
  • Her friends had been thinking of calling the police when she walked in.

Bentuk ini juga digunakan dalam kalimat tidak langsung (reported speech). Bentuk ini setara dengan past continuous dan present perfect continuous dalam kalimat langsung (direct speech):

  • Jane said, "I have been gardening all afternoon." = Jane said she had been gardening all afternoon.
  • When the police questioned him, John said, "I was working late in the office that night." = When the police questioned him, John told them he had been working late in the office that night.

Membentuk past perfect continuous

Past perfect continuous tersusun dari dua unsur: past perfect dari kata kerja to be (=had been) + present participle (kata dasar + ing).

Subjek had been kata kerja + ing
I had been walking
She had been trying
She hadn't been sleeping
Had you been eating?
Pertanyaan negatif
Hadn't they been living?
To buy, past perfect continuous
Positif Negatif Pertanyaan
I had been buying I hadn't been buying Had I been buying?
You had been buying You hadn't been buying Had you been buying?
She had been buying She hadn't been buying Had she been buying?
We had been buying We hadn't been buying Had we been buying?
They had been buying They hadn't been buying Had they been buying?