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Pemahaman Recount Text dalam Bahasa Inggris


Dalam mempelajari 🔗jenis-jenis teks dalam bahasa Inggris, kita semua mengetahui bahwa bentuk teks memiliki bentuk yang beragam. Dimulai dari teks narasi, 🔗teks deskripsi, teks recount, hingga teks anekdot. Dari sekian banyak teks yang bisa kita pelajari, dalam tulisan kali ini akan lebih berfokus kepada teks recount atau recount text dalam bahasa Inggris.

Recount text merupakan salah satu jenis teks dalam 🔗belajar bahasa Inggris yang memiliki fungsi unruk menceritakan kembali kejadian atau pengalaman yang terjadi di masa lalu. Teks ini bertujuan untuk memberikan informasi dan/atau menghibur pembaca yang membaca tulisan ini.

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Macam-macam Recount Text

Recount text memiliki beberapa macam jenis teks yang bisa digunakan untuk Anda menulis. Disesuaikan dengan tujuan dari tulisan itu sendiri. Macam-macam jenis recount text bisa dilihat di bawah ini:

Personal recount

Personal recount adalah recount text yang berfungsi menceritakan tentang pengalaman pribadi penulis.

Factual recount

Factual recount adalah recount text yang berfungsi untuk menyajikan laporan peristiwa yang benar-benar terjadi, seperti laporan percobaan ilmu pengetahuan ataupun laporan kepolisian.


Imaginative adalah jenis recount text yang berfungsi menyajikan sebuah cerita imaginatif. Lalu menuliskan peristiwa atau kejadian yang telah terjadi.

Struktur Recount Text

Dalam membuat recount text, ada struktur yang harus diikuti saat menulis jenis teks ini. Struktur recount text terbagi menjadi 3 bagian :


Dalam tahap yang pertama ini, penulis diminta untuk memberikan sebuah pengenalan berupa informasi mengenai siapa, di mana, kapan peristiwa atau kejadian itu terjadi di masa lalu. Di dalam bagian ini, penulis diharapkan untuk memberikan pembaca informasi yang diperlukan untuk memahami keseluruhan dari teks.

Contoh :

Yesterday I stayed the night at my friend’s house, Delia, with my other three friends, Amanda, Tiara and Clarisse. Delia’s house is so pretty. It has a big garden with a lot of kind of flowers and a big swimming pool. Right from the balcony, we can see the scenery of the whole of Bandung city.


Di tahap kedua ini, penulis dapat menyampaikan atau mengisahkan kejadian atau peristiwa yang terjadi. Penulis diminta untuk menulis cerita dalam urutan kronologis. Seperti ‘In the first day... . In the next day... . In the last day...’


Tahapan terakhir ini merupakan tahapan pengulangan pengenalan yang ada di tahap pertama. Pengulangan yang ada merangkum semua peristiwa atau kejadian yang diceritakan.

Di tahapan terakhir, penulis bisa menuliskan rangkuman dari semua peristiwa atau kejadian yang diceritakan. Penulis juga bisa menuliskan komentar atau kesan personal terhadap peristiwa atau kejadian yang telah terjadi.


We finally go to sleep around 2 AM, it was late, but we had so much fun. I would love to go back to Delia's house.

Contoh :

When we first arrived at 8 AM, Delia has welcomed us and asked us to get around the house as she explains all the room inside her home along with its function. After walking around the house, we gathered at Delia's room to put our things. Then, we go to the garden and have some tea while chatting with each other.

At 12 PM, Delia asked us to eat the lunch prepared by the chef. The food was delicious. It was a traditional food from Korea. After lunch, we decided to go swimming. We had a good time. Around 5 PM, we cleaned ourselves and prepared for a BBQ session for the night. We ate a lot of meat and saw the city lights of Bandung City. Right by 11 PM, we got back to the house and sat in a circle in Delia's room to talk and have some discussion.

Ciri-ciri Recount Text

Pada saat menulis sebuah recount text, pastikan ciri-ciri berikut terdapat pada tulisan Anda.

Menggunakan kalimat past tense

Contoh : I spent my summer in Yogyakarta and I was very happy.

Menggunakan action verbs

Contoh : spent, went, brought, took, dll

Menggunakan adverb dan adverbial phrase untuk mengungkapkan waktu, tempat dan cara.

Contoh : last month, in Malang, lately, dll

Menggunakan conjunction dan time connectives untuk mengurutkan peristiwa atau kejadian.

Contoh: and, or, after that, dll

Contoh Recount Text

Personal Recount Text

I spent my last summer in Seoul, South Korea. I went there by myself for a four days solo trip.

On the first day, I was landed at Incheon Airport around 7 AM after a 6 hours long flight. Then I went to Seoul by train and checked in to the hotel I already booked. I decided to take a rest for a while. At night, I went to Hongdae, a famous district in South Korea. I went to eat traditional Korean food and went around the neighbourhood. On the next day, I went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace and National Museum. I also went to learn how to make Kimchi and see the scenery of Seoul from Seoul Tower. I went back to the hotel at 10 PM and immediately went to sleep.

On the third day, I went to the Korean Demilitarized Zone or DMZ. DMZ is a border barrier that divides South Korea and North Korea. I also went to Dora Observatory. From here, we can see how North Korea look like through binoculars.

I spent the 4th day walking around Myeondong and buy some stuff and souvenirs for my family and friends. I went to the airport at 3 PM since my flight is at 5 PM.

I have a fantastic experience in South Korea, especially get to see directly how the Korean Peninsula is. It's a great trip.

Imaginative Recount Text

I had my most memorable adolescence when I was fourteen.

I called it memorable because everything happened in that era. First, I had a breakout. Acne showed up on my entire face, especially my cheek. I was afraid to come out of my house and meet my friends as I was so embarrassed with my skin condition. Second, I had a crush. But since my face was covered by acne, I have to let my crush go without even try to know him. Third, because of my acne, I got bullied at school. I was sad. Fortunately, Mom gave me good medicine to get rid of the acne. It takes quite a while until my face is clean from the acne, so I promised my self to wash my face before sleep so the acne won't come back.

That was my bad experience with adolescence, though there were still lots of good experience too.

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