Youth Self-Awareness

Youth Self-Awareness

Teenagers are humans with lots of problems dealing with their life. They are emotional human beings who are often confused in choosing their path, whether it’s their education, career, relationship, and sometimes, family.

Parents have been trying to control their children, in order to prevent distortion on their life. However, some teenagers can’t be controlled well. The reason behind this case is that the influence of their social life. Some teenagers might have this way of thinking, “Do what the group wants us to do in order to be accepted.” This could be an awful way of thinking. It can ruin the teenager’s moral value.

Increasing teenager self-awareness can prevent them from being distorted. What is self-awareness?  Self-awareness is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations, and emotions. Self-awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude, and how you responses to them in the moment. Self-awareness is an important quality for increasing a teenager moral with learning and attention issues to develop.

Why does it need to be developed?  To make changes in their thoughts and interpretations they make in their mind. Changing the interpretations in their mind allows them to change their emotions. Some examples of self-awareness are, having a clear communication, being able to be sympathetic, making decisions, solving problems, getting along with others, and the most important, having self-control.

How to increase teenager self-awareness? There are seven easy steps to develop their self-awareness. First, encourage them to speak openly about their issues. Try to have an open conversation in which they can express how they feel.

Secondly, point out the positive points. Teenager with learning and attention issues can be quick to criticize themselves. However, self-awareness means recognizing positives as well as the negatives. Try to correct their mind conceptions. Humor can help redirect their way of thinking.

Third, foster them to have a balanced perspective. Finding a balance between helping your adolescent will gain self-awareness for them. Try not to make learning and attention issues the focus on every conversation. Remind them that there are things they do well that have nothing to do with their issues.

Fourth, discourages comparisons. It is hard for a teenager to be aware of their own abilities when they view them in the light of other people’s performance. Try to help them stop comparing themselves with other people.

Fifth, consider working with a professional. If they are struggling with their education, they may be at higher risk for emotional challenges and a negative self-image. Sometime teenagers do better with someone who is not as close to them. That is why it is a good idea to call an outside professional. For an example, a therapist to help develop their self-awareness.

Sixth, encourage them to be a member of a team. Taking more responsibility for themselves can help empower them and increase their awareness of themselves, too. This can help them gain a better understanding of their own needs and become more confident about advocating for themselves.

Last, provide opportunities for independence. Becoming more independent is part of being self-aware. Most teenagers crave for independence. If parents do not give them safe appropriate way to exercise it at home, there is a chance they could rebel or take dangerous risks.

In conclusion, self-awareness helps a teenager to keep them in the right path. However, if a teenager is unaware of their self-awareness, it would be possibly hard for them to achieve their goal academically or even in life. You would not be able to reach your goal, if you do not understand yourself.

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