Youth Problems

Youth Problems

Do you prepare your words before ordering a meal in a restaurant? Or have you ever felt so immensely judged when you walk in to the class thirty minutes late? These are just some common social issues that most of us go through. But, there are worse social issues and disorders around us that have already attacked teenagers. WAY way worse. Studies show that teenagers nowadays have the same level of anxiety as psychiatric patients in the 1950s. Crazy huh? Literally. Some even admit they have ADHD, ADD, or even Depression. Although we might already know these terms, sometimes we still don’t know what they actually are and what they do to people. Now it’s my job to explain more about these social issues and disorders. There are disorders that are caused by genetics or congenital, and some are just internal or external factors. First I would like to explain some that occur since birth.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). People with ADHD often have problems paying attention, controlling their activities and behaviors. The symptoms usually occur in early ages such as six to twelve years old and are present for more than six months, affecting their routinity in school, home, and other places, causing poor results and performances in most of the things they do. Despite all of these, children that are diagnosed with ADHD nowadays show that they can perform well in the tasks they find interesting. Despite all of this flaws, people with ADHD has a very unique skill, which is connecting two things together than do not normally connect. To see how people with ADHD think, you can watch Ryan Higa’s videos. He was diagnosed with ADHD but didn’t really make a big deal out of it. Their unfocused thinking pattern makes it easier for them to connect a topic with another topic that are totally different.

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). This disorder is very similar to ADHD, the difference lies on the lack of “hyperactivity” in ADD. People with ADD shows the same symptoms as ADHD, but they are still in control of their behavior. They have problems paying attention and they tend to be forgetful. If left untreated, this disorder can really interrupt with their daily life at school and homework. And can even go on until they grow old, which will surely disturb their work. ADD and ADHD can be treated by going to a psychiatrist. They will usually give you some special treatments or even medications to cure your disorder.

Moreover, there are some disorders that are just purely internal or external factors.

Social Anxiety Disorder. People with social anxiety tend to have fears on social situations like parties, social gathering, hanging out, etc (saying it in a rough way; they hate people). These situations can cause distress and disability to perform well. Symptoms include nausea, stuttering or stammering, excessive sweating, and other unusual behaviors. They would pick being alone over having companies any day in the week. Undiagnosed patients often does “self treatment” which is a bad way to treat this disorder because wrong treatments might lead to alcoholism, eating disorder, and substance abuse.

Depression. Unlike ADD or ADHD, Depression cannot be passed on by genetics and is not something that occurs since birth. Depression is most likely to occur in adolescence because of external factors (such as broken home, not having friends, too much pressure, etc.). Even though it occurs from external factors, depression is considered to be one of the “deadly” ones. It is widely known to mess with a patient’s mind causing them to “off” themselves. And with the right treatment, depression can be cured.

A lot of teenagers think that they have these kinds of disorders inside them, Including myself. I was so messed up at one point of my life (I’m still messed up) that I had thought of going to a shrink myself. However, then I tried to find a way out myself. Supports from my friends and family and I felt a lot better. So, if you know any of your friends who seems like they need support, please support them. You have no idea how much it means to them. And if you are one of the teenagers that suffers from any of these, I’m rooting for you. You will be okay, help will come to you. It’s okay to hit rock bottom, just make sure you can get back up.


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Jenina Permana

Jenina Permana, EF Pondok IndahFrontrunner Student

Hi! My name is Jenina Permana. It’s actually longer but shorter is easier. I am a 15-year-old student trying to survive high school. I speak fluent sarcasm; people say I’m easygoing. Please enjoy this article I wrote while I was hanging out with my friends.

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