Youngsters on Social Media

Youngsters on Social Media

Hello amazing people of the world. I have a question, what is the most common thing that you use? To connect, chat with friends and other stuff like that. Most of you teenagers have an account of it, in fact, not only teenagers but adults as well. Even more shocking, kids also have it. What is it? It is none other than Social Media.

Social media is a place where you can connect with people from all over the world, hence that fact that internet has been provided at most of the places in the world. You can make international friends from France, Indonesia, Britain, Zimbabwe, Vatican, and other countries worldwide. This is one of the most famous proofs of globalization.

Social media can be useful for us to do positive things, such as posting inspirational quotes, supporting people, getting information, and so on. Seems like the good side of social media, huh? But unfortunately for you social media-lovers, like all things in life, social media has negative effects as well. Such as making you forget about homework and studying, making you forget to eat, making you sleep late and so on. Believe me, I’ve experienced those things, so you better start managing your time, otherwise you’ll face the consequences.

Social media can be used for doing good deeds, just like what I have mentioned above, but it can also be used to do bad things, such as plagiarism. Plagiarism is the act of stealing another person’s work or idea. People in social media tend to post pictures that are not theirs; some even claimed that it was originally theirs. That is just downright to stealing and lying, don’t do that, otherwise karma will hit you right in the face. I highly recommend on posting pictures like that with the original credits of the authors. They deserve their recognition for their work.

Other negative deed that has been done in social media is cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is the act of bullying or mocking and harassing someone over social media and internet. Not only this can cause depression to the victim and making them scared of life, most victims commit suicide eventually. Even though the victims killed themselves, the cyber-bullies are still considered as the passive-murderers to me. Some people tend to act like they are mightier than someone else, but in reality, they are just as bad as people they bullied, if not worse.

There are a lot of news about kidnapping, stalking, hacking, murder, rape and other negative stuff that can be done through social media. I highly recommend not making friends with suspicious and disreputable people throughout the social media. I also highly suggest on making unique or complicated password that are difficult for other people to guess but easy for you to remember.

To lower the risk of social media, talk to your parents. Talk to them about your account, so they know you and will try to keep you safe from any harms in the social media world. Don’t forget to log out of your social media accounts if you are using a computer in a café or other public places. It’s just a tip so your account won’t be used by someone else.

Don’t be weird. No, scratch that, you can be as weird as you want, but please do not make weird or inappropriate status, such as I’m dying or anything like that. People will get weird ideas. So, just don’t, please don’t.

About the Author:


Judith Emanuella Sitanggang, Frontrunner 13

‘Sup, my name’s Judith, but people know me more as Silver Wither. I’m currently 13 years old right now, Frontrunner book 6 from EF Lampung. I have this weird accent going on for some reasons. I love reading, writing, and drawing. Hope you like my writing even though it’s not the best. Have a nice day!

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