The Nook and Cranny of The oh-so-cliché: Be yourself

The Nook and Cranny of The oh-so-cliché: Be yourself

Mentally nod if you think that “be yourself” has become a cliché saying. I am not stating that cliché is bad, I’m just saying that it is way overused in our society. Believe it or not, the world we live in would have been doomed a million years ago if people actually live up to that saying.

Defining the phrase itself is one tough job. Literally speaking, we are ourselves. Then what does it mean to “be ourselves”? Many bloggers out there tried to define this, and all in all, it is to be true to ourselves. Yet of course, that statement still brings out another question, what does it mean to be true to ourselves?

People in general would say that “be yourself” means we are not supposed to be fake. We shouldn’t put on a façade in front of others just to please them. And most importantly, we shouldn’t try to be someone we’re not. Unfortunately, or in the most honest way to say this, fortunately, this gives us a reason to justify our wrong-doings by saying that we’re simply trying to be ourselves, even if it means harassing someone else in the process. Therefore, the first person to say this famous quote doesn’t deserve an award, on the contrary, he should be punished for saying such thoughtless words, shouldn’t he?

As a matter of fact, it is highly unlikely for someone to survive in the society by completely being themselves 24/7. It is an utmost and foremost necessity to adapt, and by adapting it means some of our traits will not be accepted, either it being too unusual or too usual people would find us dull. As of right now, your mind would probably be in denial, going through your memories of unique people as your counter attack, but think about this; are they even 5% of the entire world population?

Simply put, this is a reality check for all the bad things you have done, thinking that it’s simply your way of being yourselves and for all the people you have hurt along the way. Meanwhile, faking it too much will end up creating a deeper wound to someone else because insincerity will be taken as a pain solely to one’s feeling, neither the ears nor other parts would share the pain.

The term “fake” is also another overused word. Nowadays, people who have so much leisure time analyzing others’ behavior while being bitter about life often points out someone’s good deed as merely being fake. Ironic enough?

Now here comes the answer to literally everything in life: balance. Not the walking on a rope kind of balance, but more of the philosophical kind of balance. While trying your best to fit in the society, or at least get accepted, it is important not to forget who you once were, how you were raised, and the person you aspired to be in your childhood. Remember that no one was born with the purpose of pleasing everybody. But sometimes, put yourself in their shoes, so you’ll realize, who doesn’t want to be pleased? The same amount of self-love and respect for other people’s existence is what you need to achieve and maintain until you draw your last breath.


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Fauziatun Nabila Sudarko, Frontrunner, EF Jember

As it appears to be obvious, I am a female. I will be 16 by the 24th of February 2017. I’m currently studying in SMAN 1 Jember. I love writing and I refer myself as a bipolar author because my writing mood differs to writing something in such a bitter and sarcastic way, or writing something with poems-like style that is super cringe-worthy.