“The Future”

“The Future”

Have you ever dreamt about something? Not the dream that you had when you fell asleep, but the dream about your own future? It is just like your wants, your hopes, and your ambition for yourself in the future.

Something that you really want to make it comes true in your life. Do you have it? Yeah, of course you have it! If it is me, I really want to be a dentist. It seems really simple but can you imagine that? If someday you get toothache and if there is no one who can handle and cure your tooth illness? What will happen? It is so sad and pathetic right? That is why I really want to be a dentist.

I want to help people to cure their teeth from illness. I want to remind them to treat their own teeth well so that there are no people who can get the toothache, because I know toothache really hurts. As a dentist, I have to be friendly and be patient enough. Because we know, for some people being a dentist is so scary.

Moreover, in our imagination a dentist is like a robot that has so many fearful tools that can hurt us. Whereas the dentist will help you to cure your illness and make you smile again. So I think the ability to build relationships with patients and colleagues with the high level communication and interpersonal skills, for interaction with patients of all ages and backgrounds is really needed to be a good dentist. I want to erase the wrong paradigm about a dentist by being a friendly dentist so that the patient will not be scared anymore to check their teeth to the dentist. Because I’m really happy to see their smile after they’re cured by the toothache.

Beside my ambition as the dentist, I have another dream that is a pianist. You know it right? Yeah, people who can play a piano well and play a melodious rhythm. Why pianist? Because when I was a child, my mother used to play so many beautiful songs using piano for me. Her favorite genre is acoustics. Maybe it was the reason why I like piano so much. I want to make and compose my own song just like Beethoven did. I really want to make my own piano recital tour around the world.

I always wonder how exciting that would be to meet so many interesting people and life would never be boring. Maybe people will recognize me as a piano master someday haha. Something that I love to be an artist is that there is no limit to get better that every day is different and brings new challenges. For example, there is no end to being a great artist. There is always so much more to learn of the art form that it’s an entire lifetime’s work. There is always so much more we can do to make music more exciting and fun to enjoy.


About the Author:

Nevia Ardya Nuraini

Nevia Ardya Nuraini, Trailblazers

My name is Nevia Ardya Nuraini. I am a student of Trailblazers book 7 at EF Lampung. I live in Bandar Lampung. I study at Junior High School 2 Bandar Lampung.