The Fisherman’s Friend

The Fisherman’s Friend

In a land far away, lived a young fisherman. He lived by himself, unless you count his best friend, Bloop the little fish. Bloop was never out of sight of the fisherman, he carried Bloop everywhere, whenever he went fishing to the lake, when he went to the fish market, and even when he went to the kitchen. He lived a normal life with his fish, he is neither poor nor rich, and he was average.


One day, when he went fishing with Bloop, a very strong wind, as strong as a hurricane rocked the boat he was on, luckily he didn’t fell, but Bloop fell in to the lake. The fisherman cried his heart out for that he has known that Bloop was nowhere to be seen and without Bloop he would always be lonely. Every day the fisherman will always go to the market asking the entire fisherman that he saw about Bloop, he never for a second forgets of Bloop, he always think about Bloop as his family member.


After five years, the fisherman has grown bigger and stronger, but he never forgot about Bloop. He has trained his whole life for that one day he would see Bloop again. He would always think of all the positive things like “What if Bloop is having a nice life?” or “What if Bloop have a family now?” ,but then he will always remember one question “Will Bloop still remember me?” and thinking of that question will always sent him to tears.


The next day, the fisherman went to the lake fishing for food when he realized, that he has found Bloop. He cried tears of joy knowing that he has been reunited with his fish. The fisherman doesn’t realize that Bloop has carried someone else, it carried a beautiful mermaid with him. After all these year Bloop was trying to help him to not be lonely ever again. And the fisherman got married with the mermaid and lived happily ever after.


— The End —


About the Author:

Jovita Anabelle

Jovita Anabelle, Trailblazer 8
Student at EF Karawaci.