The Colorful World of Teen Community

The Colorful World of Teen Community

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of teen is a young person between 13 and 19 years old. Teen is actually the clipped version of teenager. Teen is also a person who is in a process of changing from puberty to maturity, from a kid into an adult. Next, the definition of community is the people living in an particular area or people who are considered as a unit because of their common interests or social group. So, teen community can be defined as the social relationships that teens formed with their peers and the structuring process of these relationships into larger social networks. It is possible to categorized teen community in different levels, including small groups, medium sized groups, large social networks, cliques, crowds, and teen subcultures.

I strongly believe that the true aim of teen community is to share the same interest with another teenager that will in turn produce positive things. By being active in a certain community, we can enhance our solidarity or comradeship, expand our skills and knowledge, and even getting new friends too. Those communities can be related to a lot of things around us, for example there are cooking communities, photography, skateboard, mountain biking, etc. Moreover, some common hobbies like the cooking communities can even give birth to specialized communities like Indonesian food community and Japanese cuisine communities.

Just like the number of stars in the night sky, there are so many types of teen communities. Let’s talk about one in particular which I think originated from Japan, The Country of Sakura. Japan has a community or club called Cosplay Community. Currently, many teenagers from all over the world who like to dress up as a fictional character joined this club. Based on the information from the Urban Dictionary, cosplay or costume play is dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character, usually a sci-fi, comic book, anime (Japanese cartoon) character. In other words, cosplaying is the practice of portraying a fictional character and at that time completely identified as that character while in costume. The early 90’s saw the rising of cosplay into a popular culture and even now the influence of it is still strong in several countries, including Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the archipelago famous for its various cultures and foods, we have one phenomenal teen cosplay community in Malang, East Java Province. They named their community ‘Cosuki’. Cosuki was first established on 22 March 2007. Here, we can share our inspirations, aspirations, and our creativeness. Its members are actively involved and participated in numerous cosplay events, either in Malang or other cities in Indonesia.

As reported on the internet about people’s opinion, cosplay has a lot of advantages. The first one is the opportunity for expressing the things you love. Secondly, we can meet a ton of amazing people who like the same thing as us. We can see each other across the room wearing costume that the others liked. Despite that, cosplay has its own deficiency or flaw, like wasting our time and our money to buy or make the costume characters that we want to use. So, just like any other good things, we better not overdo our activities in any teen communities that we joined. Cosplay community is just one example of community from many communities out there. Lastly, we should also remember and do our responsibilities as a student, as a family member, and as an Indonesian Citizen with full determination.

About the Author:

Khalila Zahra Maharani
Khalila Zahra Maharani, Frontrunner, EF Bogor Yasmin

Khalila Zahra Maharani is a 13 years old girl from Bogor (Indonesia) who was born in December. She doesn’t have an Instagram, but, hey! You can check her Twitter account @itskhalran and Snapchat khalilazaa.

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