The Beauty of Java

The Beauty of Java

Java is the name of one of the five main Islands in Indonesia. Aside from being the most populated island in Indonesia, it has many beautiful places that you can visit. I would like to share with you four of the most scenic places that I have visited in Java:

Sawarna Beach

Located in Banten, you will need more than one hour to get to Sawarna Beach from Jakarta. Once you arrive at the entrance gate, you have to rent an ojek (a motorcycle rider for hire) to reach the beach. The reason is because the beach is far from the entrance gate and you have to go through a small village.  The scenery of the beach is beautiful.  You can see two rocks standing vertically, and near those rocks, there is a mini waterfall.  Additionally, the slow-moving waves are tranquil and quiet,  and it is safe to swim there. The sands consist of small rocks, the kinds that are useful for meditation.

Mount Galunngung

Mount Galunggung is located in the West Java province. Before it exploded, Mount Galunggung was an active volcano.  When this mount erupted, it destroyed the nearby village.  But now, that mount is no longer active, and it has become a lake.  To reach the top of the mount, we have to walk with up stairs made of cement.  Despite being old, the stairs are still strong to use.  From  the top of the mount, you can see the lake below.  The lake is green with a small hill next to it. Besides the beautiful scenery, you can enjoy the fresh air.  I was really happy to be there because  the atmosphere was so breathtaking that it gave me mixed feelings of peace and excitement.

Dieng Plateau

Dieng plateau is located in Wonosobo, Central Java province.  Dieng has many beautiful places which we can visit.  First,  you can watch the sunrise at the plateau where the scenery is really beautiful. Then, a visit to the crater, which looks like a smaller version of a lake, is worth it.  Some people use the boiling crater water to boil eggs, so you may want to bring along one.  After spending some time at the crater, take time to see the colorful lake. The lake changes its color depending on the sun’s position. Near the colorful lake, there are three caves.  Those caves are named Goa Semar, Goa Sumur, and Goa Jaran.  At the time of my visit, I was not allowed to enter those caves because the tour guide told me that it’s not good to enter as one of those is dangerous. After seeing the colourful lake and three caves, proceed to the Dieng Temple, the size of which is smaller than Borobudur temple.; this is the place to take pictures.  The most important point is if you’re hungry, a food court sells grilled corn or some snacks. If souvenirs are what you’re looking for, then visit the market where the prices are reasonable.  I’m happy to visit all those places because it’s a magical place where I can sightsee, shop, and eat at the same time.

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is a volcano which is located in East Java Province.  To reach the desert, we have to rent a jeep because not every car can access the road.  After the jeep ride, you will arrive at a desert made by volcanic ashes. This is where the jeep stops because a fence prevents it from going further.  Then you will have to continue the trip on your own. To reach Mount Bromo, we could go by foot or rent  horses, but if you would like to save money, I suggest for you to walk.  Going through the desert, you could see a small temple used to hold kasada ceremonies. Held by the Tengger people, kasada is a ceremony where the people have to  present offerings to their god. After that, you have to go up concrete stairs in order to finally reach the top of Mount Bromo.  Use caution when you take pictures there because a person fell into the mount while taking a selfie. This accident happened in 2009 and that person died. After enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can go down and return to the car. For shoppers, not to worry if you would like to bring a memento, a salesman usually walks around the desert selling souvenirs. I bought some t-shirts there and the prices wasn’t really expensive. I ware really grateful to see such amazing scenery.

Each of the four places above has its own unique characteristics. So, if you ever visit Java in the future and you are wondering which places to visit, check out one or all of the places I have mentioned above.  They are all worth seeing!

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you find this article helpful.

About the Author:

Moh. Fadly Rizki Yazid

Moh. Fadly Rizki Yazid, Frontrunner 15

My nickname is Rizki.  I like playing soccer every time school is out.  I don’t know what my passion is. Perhaps they are studying and doing homework. I study at EF Pondok Indah.

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