Technology for Mankind

Technology for Mankind

We have to be grateful for every enjoyment that has been provided to us. Some advance technologies such as in transportation, communication, and also in education have made our life easier than before. Moreover, all of them have spoiled our life because everything that we need are just in our hand.

Thanks to some scientists that have made discovery and also inventions in some areas. The word “invention” means that improvement on current product or machine by modified or adding some features. Therefore, invention on some products will also improve our quality of life.

There are some discoveries and also inventions that many people consider as the most important ones. Some consider that wheel is one of the most important discoveries for mankind. It makes our movement easier; also we do not have to depend so much on water transportation. If we take a look on every aspect of our life, most of it are helped by the existence of wheel. Another discovery like telephone also is considered as the pioneer for the communication era. Alexander Graham Bell found the electric telephone in 1876 and quickly revolutionized the global and business telecommunication. Moreover, this discovery also became the forerunner to cell phones and smart phones that we now use.

Telephone can be considered as the example how technology can make our life easier. Since Graham Bell found his first telephone, it became as the most important needs for mankind. Moreover, advance technology also created as the invention of old telephone. One considered that the birth of internet was the improvement of conventional telephone. There is no doubt that internet has been changing the world.

Internet was originally built for the United States’ Department of Defense for military purpose, by creating a network system (web) which connected one computer to another. Moreover, it became a “center of gravity” for everyone because its purpose. Its purpose not just only checks the latest news and information but also make business and banking transactions through online system. It can be said that now we can just sit in front of the computer screen or laptop, then we can roam the world.

The Internet changes the way we think about information. The fact that we do not know something that exists in the extant expansive commons of human knowledge can no longer intimidate us into reticence. If we do not know something, someone else does, and there are enough ways around the commons of the Internet that enable us to get to sources of the known. The unknown is no longer that which is unavailable, because whatever is present is available on the network and so can be known, at least nominally if not substantively.

If there is a good side for invented a new and modern technology then there must be a bad side too. Take a look at “Yin-Yang” as an illustration. Based on its principle whatever elements on our life must complement each other. Also, we have to maintain the equilibrium condition to sustain our life. However, it is really difficult to achieve that idea. As illustrated by Taoism:

When people see things as beautiful, ugliness is created. When people see things as good, evil is created.”

Based on the illustration above, we can assume that inventions on technology have created laziness also can make us more dependants to our gadget. Therefore, laziness will cause into less innovation, also increasing the risk on health. Not just that, if technology does not manage very well it can cause negative effect on kids, especially those in primary school. Screens are distractions, not tools to educate children. Television is not “babysitter”, so parents should enforce more rules on how they use the media. There is a suggestion from The American Academy of Pediatrics that it is recommended that children maximum spend two hours per day. Moreover, the academy also found that young children probably use their parent’s device, meanwhile children and teenagers are constantly attached to their personal gadgets.

That’s why it’s not strange to see kids always use, bring even play their gadget. Their social life is now on their social media. They usually do not care about people around them but only their gadget, they do not easily adapted in the new place, it will be more difficult if they have to adapted in the new neighborhood without gadget on them,

I personally experienced that akwardness. Last month, I participate a “in-house” programme from my school. It was so hard for me, a grown up teenager living in a modern city, and we have to adapted during 3 days and 2 nights in the villagers house there. It is a small village and most of them are farmer. And we are not allowed to bring any kind of gadget.

Even though it was hard for me and for all of my friends to go through the difficulties, we learned how to live in there as if our second parents, helped them, learned how to be happy without money, learned how the real family should be. They are so close to each other, between family members and also neighbours, they know each other so well. Not like us, in the city, I must admit it that I do not know who my neighbors is. There, I learned how to be more friendly, how to be more happy without gadget.

To sum up, technology should make our life easier. We invent some things in order to increase our quality of life. We innovate to help us to manage the problems that happened in our life. Most importantly, technology should improve humanity. No matter how good, cool, and fascinated the technology, if it make our relations to others worse, it can be longer said an invention. The key is, we have to be wise to use the new technology. The purpose of technology is to make us closer to each other not to create the distance among us.

About the Author:

Hana Hikaru

Hana Hikaru, Frontrunner 16

My name is Hana Hikaru and. I was born in Jakarta on 2000. My hobbies are watching Korean drama, and reading. I like K-Pop because their imagination are amazing. I like the fantasy, romance and historical genre though. My friends once told me that I am creative, so perhaps I will be a fashion designer. Currently, I am studying in English First Pluit, to make me more confidence when I speak and write in English, and now I am in Frontrunner 10.

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