New Year, New Bogor

New Year, New Bogor

Over the last few years Bogor has seen many changes. Thanks to these changes the city has become busier, trendier and more and more like the nearby capital, Jakarta.

Some of the changes that have occurred include the layout of the city, the new one-way traffic system, new pavements and more malls, cafes and restaurants. But the question is, are these changes positive or negative and how do they affect the residents of Bogor? What does the future hold?

First, let’s look at one of the most recent and most influential changes in Bogor, the new one-way traffic system. This has been a particularly important change, especially for those living and working in Bogor. This change was introduced by the local government in 2016 in the hopes of alleviating traffic around Bogor’s main tourist attraction, the Botanical Gardens. Now, although this has reduced much of the traffic on Bogor’s main street, Pajajaran, it hasn’t necessarily removed the traffic completely. Residents have found that in fact the traffic jams have just shifted to the bridge before Bogor Trade Mall.  Many have also found that it has made their commute to work or school much more complicated. Because of the restrictions they find themselves having to travel much further than before and they have to allow much longer for their journey. However, residents are pleased that the local government is taking steps to reduce the traffic jams in Bogor.

Another big change in Bogor, which was implemented recently, is the construction of new, wide pavements across the city, especially around the Botanical Gardens. This is a great initiative, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists and people who have generally become more health conscious. People are a lot more aware of their health these days and are keen to become healthier, by exercising regularly and consuming healthier food. In the past, it was much more difficult to walk around Bogor because of the lack of suitable paving. However, these new pavements are encouraging more and more people to either walk or cycle, which is helping them to lead much healthier lifestyles.

Another change is the recent influx of trendy new entertainment places in Bogor, such as malls, cafes and restaurants. Countless new cafes and restaurants have sprung up over the last year which has pleased both residents and tourists alike. Tourists are keen to visit Bogor and see what it has to offer whereas residents now don’t have to travel all the way to Jakarta just to find a great place to hang-out and take a cool selfie.

So, has Bogor really changed for the better? In my opinion yes. I feel that Bogor has become trendier and more progressive, especially in the last year. These changes have definitely had a good impact on the citizens and helped them to become more visionary. I just hope that these positive changes continue into the New Year and that Bogor continues to improve.

About the Author:

Dewi Annisa Puspita

Dewi Annisa Puspita, Frontrunner 23

Hi! My name is Dewi Annisa Puspita. I’m a 23-year-old student at EF Bogor Pajajaran, in Frontrunner 8. I’m originally from Medan, North Sumatra. I’m currently taking my Master’s Degree in Business at IPB. In my free time I love reading, listening to music, working out and singing.

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