Learning from Objects around Us

Learning from Objects around Us

Have you ever learned a lesson from the objects around you? I have, and I don’t go looking for the objects, they just happened to be around me.  I observe and reflect on the things in front me, and I actually gain insights from them, and I feel a connection between the object and me.

Here are 3 objects that I have reflected on and have learned from:

The first object is Water. Have you seen how clear and pure water is? Well this is my insight about water. When I was observing water, I thought of human hearts.  Our hearts can be as pure and peaceful just like the calm and clean water. Moreover, clean water gives good benefits to all of us, such as health, right?  Consuming enough water will keep us hydrated and avoid illness. Similarly, a clean heart avoids resentment or spite.  A heart that is clean gives us inner peace.  On the other hand, dirty water contains germs which can make us ill.  In the same way, the germs of a dirty heart are jealousy and envy which can slowly harm us and make us weary.

The next object are Flowers. We can learn the lesson of beauty from flowers. They are beautiful to look at and they make me happy.  And who doesn’t like flowers?  Imagine that we can be like flowers by dressing beautifully and making people happy.  How can we make people happy? By smiling, not only will we make people happy, we make ourselves happy too. How can we dress beautifully? By dressing modestly and in different colors, that’s what the flower teaches us.

And the last object is light. What comes to your mind if I say ‘light’? Shiny? Light is very helpful for us when we are in the dark. Light is a torch. Light can teach us to shine when we are in the dark. Well, the analogy I learned is when we are surrounded by darkness, whether it’s fear, bullying, or negativity, we have to be brave. We need to show our light by standing up to all those negative things and be positive. That’s my opinion.  How about you? Do you agree with my opinion? What can you learn from light?

Well I have just given you 3 analogies to learn from. They are water, flowers and light. We can learn from small things or big. We can learn from living things or inanimate objects. These ideas came to my mind and I wanted to share them with you because I have found them helpful and useful.  I want to inspire, if I can. I want to spread the vibes of being positive. So my last words are: be positive and keep learning from the objects around us, whether big or small.

About the Author:

Zatalini Ulvy

Zatalini Ulvy, Frontrunner 16

I study at Madrasah Pembangunan UIN Jakarta, EF Pondok Indah. My hobby is singing, watching movies, and listening to music. I like to find philosophical meanings from objects around me.