It’s Not Always Easy Being Young

It’s Not Always Easy Being Young

People always say that being young is some of the best moments of your life. However, it’s not always easy being young. Indonesia is no different. I’m going to look at some of the problems faced by young people in Indonesia.

Indonesia is ranked as one of the most populated places in the world, with around 250 million people. So there are around a million youths in Indonesia, from Sumatra, Java, Papua and many more. Indonesia has 34 provinces, split across 5 big islands. Whilst each province has its own cultural traditions and different customs, we’re still one, Indonesian youth.

I know many people are curious about what it’s like to be a youth in Indonesia. Many people seem to think that being a youth in Indonesia is great. Whilst there are many benefits, there are also many problems. It’s not always easy.

Firstly, take a look at our education system. Our full schedules often leave us little time for anything else. Most teenage students start school at 7:00 am and don’t finish until 4:00pm. And that’s just the regular school day. That doesn’t include all the extracurricular activities, extra classes and additional courses which many students take. And most students also have a half day on Saturdays. These full schedules put students under a lot of stress and pressure, especially around exam periods.

Another problem faced by teenagers, which still relates to school, is the amount of homework we’re given by each subject. We have so many subjects and when each subject expects us to do so much homework, well, we sometimes forget what time it is. Sometimes I have so much homework to do, that I don’t even realize when it’s already midnight. Then I have to wake up early again the next day for school and do it all over again. It sometimes feels like we don’t have any time to just relax and enjoy being young.

Another problem which is faced by teenagers everywhere, not just in Indonesia, is the dependence on technology. Most teenagers now seem to have their own hand phones and laptops, with almost instant access to the internet, and most of these teenagers are becoming increasingly addicted to this technology. It almost seems like the technology controls us, not the other way around. You often see groups of teenagers hanging out together in cafes or restaurants, which teenagers have always done. They like to meet up and chat with their friends, share stories, laugh and joke. However, the reality now is that these groups of teenagers are spending less time talking to each other and more time staring at their hand phones. They are so worried about what their friends online are doing, that they forget about their friends right next to them. I hope we can find some way to solve this problem before it’s too late.

So, while there are benefits to being a teenager, there are many difficulties and problems faced by the youth today. Just remember, it’s not always easy being young.

About the Author:

Zain Mudhaffar

Zain Mudhaffar Falahuddin, Frontrunner 17

Hi, my name is Zain Mudhaffar Falahuddin. I’m a 17-year-old student from EF Bogor Pajajaran. My hobbies are taking photos, making films and writing stories. I also enjoy swimming and self-defence. I have my own YouTube channel, which I like to upload movies to. 

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