Investment in Travel is An Investment in Yourself

Investment in Travel is An Investment in Yourself

Today, in our modern digital world, we can learn all about a place with the click of a button.  As virtual reality advances, we’ll soon be able to visit anywhere on earth from the comfort of our own home.  We have access to food from all over the world in our supermarkets and restaurants.  We can watch movies and listen to music from anywhere in the world on our smartphones.  So the question is, do we still really need to travel?

I think we do.

The first reason is PEOPLE! Sure we can sit at home and watch our virtual reality, but we can’t communicate with ‘real’ people, so what’s the benefit? If we go abroad we can meet local people, learn about their language, habits and culture. We can make new friends, international friends! Cool right?  They can take us to places we might not find in travel guides, amazing places we’ve never seen before.  They can recommend things to do, places to go and food to eat, plus, if we’re in an English speaking country we can practice our English too!

The second reason is culture.  When you go abroad, you’re not just visiting another country; you’re experiencing its culture and its atmosphere.  Culture is not just about what we can see, but also what we feel.  I strongly believe that you won’t be able to get that from your virtual reality headset.  Sure, you can watch a video of a country’s national dance on YouTube, but it can’t match the experience of being there, seeing it with your own eyes.

Finally, the last reason I think we will keep travelling is the experience of travelling itself. Virtual reality may be able to transport us to anywhere in the world in a second, but we won’t benefit from the experience.  Turbulence on an airplane, a delayed flight, missing a train and having to stay somewhere an extra night, these may seem like negative experiences at the time, but we can learn from them and they may even lead to something positive in the long run.  Sometimes travelling can get crazy, but it can make you happy and give you an experience you’ll never forget.

I don’t think we’ll be giving up the fun, excitement and crazy experiences we can have traveling any time soon, no matter how advanced our technology gets.


About the Author:

Dito Pratama

Dito Pratama Hadyanto, EF Tanjung DurenFrontrunner

My name is Dito Pratama Hadyanto.  I’m a 15 year old FR 9 student at EF Tanjung Duren and I love to travel.