Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Gender equality means treating everyone fairly regardless of their gender. Equal doesn’t mean that we are all the same, but it means that every one of us should be treated with respect. Gender equality is the idea that men and women should have the same opportunities in life and that their gender should have nothing to do with their evaluation. We should give everyone a fair chance with everything because neither men nor women deserve to be treated in a wrong way regarding their gender. If society is to be fair, then gender equality must be a priority.

These days men and women are far from being treated equally, and that is just wrong because I have read somewhere that inequality hurts everyone and I couldn’t agree more. I believe that men and women are different in their own ways, and that not every woman is capable of doing what men can, and vice versa. But that doesn’t mean that it gives you the right to treat men and women differently because of their gender. A ton of people still commit acts of discrimination. For example in some places women can’t apply for jobs, and even if they could, they would get payed less than men get even though they do equal work. Equal work is supposed to mean equal pay. Another example of the gender discrimination is in some countries women don’t have the right to vote. And in other places people would look at men weirdly if they wore make-ups. This is where people should take notes that from now on both genders should be treated equal. This is because your gender doesn’t determine your personality in any way, so there isn’t any reason to be sexist.

Gender equality doesn’t imply that both gender are the same physically and mentally, but it means that both men and women have equal values. Gender equality doesn’t mean that women should open the door for men all the time and that men should grow long hair, but it means that we shouldn’t look at women differently when they do what men usually do and same goes for the men. We can’t just judge people regarding their gender, because not all women like to take care of babies or do household stuffs, and not all men plays soccer or any other sports, and who we are to judge anyway?

Even the word ‘feminism’ usually gets misunderstood. Feminism doesn’t mean that we, feminists, hate the opposite gender which is men, but it means that we support women’s rights. I’m not saying this because im a feminist, indeed i am, but it is just wrong to mistreat people regarding of the gender.

So my point is, we should keep in mind that we should make gender equality a priority. From now on, we should start treating both gender fairly and equally, and not judging anyone just because of their gender. We should give everyone a fair chance on everything, and we shouldn’t look at men &/ women differently, even the slightest bit.

About the Author:

Aliya Imara

Aliya Imara Putri R, EF Cinere

My name is Aliya Imara Putri R. but people call me Aliya. I’m a junior high school student and at EF I’m in Frontrunner 8. My favorite food is pasta and my hobby is listening to music.

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