The Effect of Social Discrimination towards the Mental Growth of Teens

The Effect of Social Discrimination towards the Mental Growth of Teens

Discrimination has always been one of the most determining factors in the psychological growth of teenagers. It may shut down their social interactions with their surroundings. However, with a strong principle and the right amount of positive encouragement from the right kind of people, they could otherwise be driven to become more open-minded individuals who are able to embrace the beauty of acceptance in the midst of global differences.


Social discriminations come in a lot of forms, in which the most common are the religious and the racial ones. Teenagers are vulnerable to social gaps, and that creates an easy access for their surroundings to differentiate them and have them socially separated from the community. Therefore, this type of denial may bring them to a psychologically-destructive state where they start to desperately seek for approval and acknowledgement. As a result, they wouldn’t be able to take “no” for an answer and could easily enter the phase of a mental breakdown.


Racial discrimination is the rejection of certain races inside a particular community. It could start with skin color for an instance. This typical problem has been a barrier between humanity since centuries ago. The “Apartheid Political and Social System” is a simple example of what racial discrimination could have done to the world if it is left without any solution.


Alongside racial issues, there comes religion-affiliated type of discrimination. It involves people who are not capable of accepting plurality between beliefs. Religion may be a highly sensitive matter to discuss, but once again, the acceptance of differences is what truly matters in the end. In many cases, the current generation is constantly faced with harsh situations in which their environment is not welcome to unfamiliar religious beliefs and cultures. It is in human nature that one may suffer a huge mental breakdown if they keep on struggling as a single individual with no support whilst being in the middle of an entirely different environment.


With all being said, it is essential that we start to live and pass on the legacy that we were inherited with. No matter where we come from, it is crucial that we start to embrace the diversities in our community, and continue to accept the people among us. Despite all the differences that we have, no one can decide what someone should believe in nor can they separate those who they think of as minors. Let us just start on living in harmony, altogether.


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