Do You Feel Anxious when You Are in Public?

Do You Feel Anxious when You Are in Public?

Interaction with people is very important. In our lives we need to interact with other people, such as talking to our friends or even asking our neighbors for help. Some of us have difficulty doing so and this is very common. People call it “social anxiety’. Social anxiety is simply defined as a fear or phobia that appears when you are in social situations, especially when you think you’re not familiar with the situations. The fear occurs when you think you’re being watched and judged in public and you will eventually feel embarrassed.

Just because you get nervous when you’re going to give a speech or perform in front of people, doesn’t mean you have anxiety disorder. It actually happens when the anxiety disturbs your daily routine. Anxiety disorder has common daily symptoms that you will experience every day when you suffer from it, such as:

  • Always being scared of making a call or an appointment
  • Feeling uncomfortable or unsettled when in public
  • Wanting to hide your body parts when walking outside
  • Panicking when in crowds of people
  • Thinking that other people around you always make fun of you
  • Wanting to avoid meeting people
  • Creating mental scenarios in your head when embarrassed, and many more.

As you know, even small things in life can perturb or even worse, hurt a person who suffers from anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety actually happens. Luckily, there are ways to cope with it. Inhaling deep, as an example, can help your mind relax and make your body calm when you are in public. You can learn to breathe in and out slowly and this way, your symptoms will be under control and yourself as well. Those who acquire social anxiety always have negative thoughts that will contribute to their anxiety, like: “No matter how expensive all the clothes I have, when I dress up I will look like a stupid pumpkin”, or “I’d better not sing, because I’m sure my voice will sound like a crying horse”, or “They will say that my teeth look like a donkey’s, I don’t want to smile”, and other bad thoughts that will be in your head over and over again.

These depressing thoughts will only make you suffer even more. You have to throw these far away from out of your mind and start to face your fears. One of the most helpful actions you can do to overcome your social anxiety is face the situation you’re in rather than keep avoiding it. When you keep avoiding it, you will create more new problems for yourself, so try to deal with it slowly and do it step by step, because if you don’t force yourself, it won’t change.

Well, you can also change your lifestyle to help you by:

  • Getting more active (doing some physical activity)
  • Avoiding or decreasing your caffeine consumption and sugary food
  • Having enough sleep, resting well will help you stay calm in social situations.

Getting rid of social anxiety is not walk in the park, but it’s not that difficult either. Many people have to force themselves to go through their anxiety. When you’re in the middle of anxiety, you will feel that you’re hopeless and there’s nothing you can do. You have to try to change your mind, because having social anxiety is like a constant fight between you and yourself inside your head, so try to change your mindset!
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Aisha, Frontrunner 13

Hi everyone, my name is Aisha. Currently, I am in Frontrunner 13 and at school, I am in the 11th grade. I study at SMA 34 Jakarta. I live with my parents and my cats and dogs in Cinere. I like to dance and make short movies. I like to eat Soto, it’s the best Indonesian food I have ever eaten and I also like Sashimi.

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