Everybody knows the land of China, which is the most populated country in the world. It also has one of the world’s seven wonders, the Great Wall of China that lies along the country’s border.
China has a lot of cultural history that makes it one of the most historical countries in the world. Starting from the lion dance, iconic emperor’s robe, and terracotta warriors to its country’s icons, panda and dragon, China is very rich of history and culture.
China has its own calendar with its own new year. The way they celebrate the event is also very interesting. Every year during the Chinese New Year, Chinese will perform lion dance which is very famous across the world. Lion dance is a dance performed by people which mimics that of a lion movement with a lion costume, and its performance is accompanied with a very loud traditional music. This dance is very famous that it is also competed all over the world.
Rich of culture and history, one that I think is the most iconic thing about China among all is perhaps the emperor’s robe. The emperor of China wore a silky red robe with golden dragon embedded to it that we can make a straight inference that it is from China even with a quick glance. This robe distinguishes China from other countries that makes it one of the most iconic things about China.
More into the history, the other iconic thing about China is its terracotta warriors with metal armors. The terracotta warriors are a famous icon of China and this makes China very iconic over other countries.
Furthermore, China also has an iconic animal that represent the country, which is panda. The colors of the body are black and white and it likes to eat bamboo. Panda is originated in China and has been chosen as the country’s icon for it can only be found in China. Another interesting icon of China is the dragon. Dragon is a flying mythical creature created by Chinese people in the past, and it is also a symbol of power and prosperity. Dragon is described by Chinese to be a wild, strong, and gigantic creature that breathes fire from its mouth. It is a creature that is created by Chinese people in the past and has been described differently by other countries. Dragon also can fly even without any wing. The body is more of a snake and has moustache like cat. It has horns and it is also described as a god.
In conclusion, China has a lot of cultural history that is famous across the world such as the lion dance, the emperor’s robe, the terracotta warriors, panda and the mythical creature, dragon. These and a lot more of Chinese culture and history have made China a very iconic country in the world.


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