Why do parents, teachers, and adults around me always say that watching anime is for kids? Why do they always tell me that it is useless to watch anime? Is it wrong? It’s not, right? I know that I’m too addicted to it and spend most of my time just sitting or lying on bed inside my room. But it’s my only way to relax.

Anime, a Japanese animation. I love stories, I love pictures, I love music. Unfortunately, I can’t draw, sing, or play music well. I can write stories and most people say that I’m good at it. However, I’m not too passionate about that either. That’s why, I can only watch.

I realized years ago that I’ve changed a lot ever since I started to watch anime. I’m craving for adventure and following the unreal character in the story makes me feel like I’m there too. I also enjoy romance stories, affected by how the character feels and learn about love in many different views.

Sometimes I feel angry, happy, or sad when I’m reading anime. I feel pity to the characters who do not have parents and grateful that I have them. When I read the story about the siblings who keep fighting, I try my best to be good with my brother. I learn to understand people’s thoughts and feelings. I try to appreciate people more. I yearn to work hard together with friends and to achieve beautiful high-school life. I found my desire and ambition.

I think stories in films, comics, novels, and games have their own message and different way to teach people. School subjects are not the only way to educate us. Stories from anime can tell people without any certain theories. We can understand each other, create imagination, and feel more emotions. I absolutely disagree of people say that watching anime is pointless.


About the Author:

Jessica Liwong

Jessica Liwong, Frontrunner 13

Now studying in EF Tangerang City