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Learn English at EF English First

Learn English at EF English First

Nervous about learning English from zero?

There is no reason to be nervous! It may seem like a big task to learn English from zero, but over 2 billion people have done it and so can you. No need to be embarrassed either. While you might expect kids to start with Elementary English, you would be surprised how many adult classes we have running for Beginner English. So you are not alone.

Learning English has never been so enjoyable

EF English First does not only teach English, but also offers amusement to the students at the same time. We carefully select English teachers with fun-loving attitude and exceptional personality to ensure that your English learning process is enjoyable as it can be.

Not to mention that at EF English First, learning is not physically bounded by walls and doors. Students will also learn English outside their classrooms. EF English First regularly organizes and facilitates Life Club. Held either at our school or at an off-campus location, Life Club focuses on getting you to use your English in casual settings to discuss different topics from the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie to the best place in town to find a cup of coffee.

Find a suitable course for you and start learning English now:
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- Adults
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Or find the nearest EF school in your city.


Fill out our online form on the top right side of this page or click the link below to book a FREE class trial at EF English First! Learn English at EF English First, be a part of the world's largest language school!

The true art of English learning

From 40 years of experience, EF English First has gained massive expertise in facilitating people learning English. As a specialist in English language, EF English First gives very special cares to all English learners at all levels. We have invested millions and millions of dollar to discover the most effective way in learning English. Our materials, carefully developed by our own dedicated Academic Research and Development Team based in Cambridge Massachusetts and Shanghai, have been tried, tested and proven to work. We have been focusing on making English learning as simple yet fast and enjoyable as possible. At EF English First, you will learn the true art of English learning directly from the expert.

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